Equal is an Element of Math

If you’re a mathematician calculating equations, equality is essential. Everything needs to add up.

Applying, expecting, demanding equality among humans is lesser of an exacting science. Variables weighed into making all people equal and satisfying cries for equality is an unachievable dream.

Equality is a myth, an aspiration never to be achieved.

But that’s not a doomsday prophecy, if you think about it. Do you actually WANT to be equal to everyone else? Same hair, same skin, same intelligence, same house, same salary, same ability to travel the globe, same family structure?

I would sure hope not. How dull and boring and monotonous would be the planet.

Yet, we are inundated daily with screams of inequality in the forms of bias accusations, workplace expectations, and legal entitlements.

Ah…there’s that word: ENTITLEMENT. What am I owed? What do I deserve? Who or what is keeping me from leading the peaceful life that I so desire?

Questions to which the answers are: nothing and no one.

We are all born into our own place – I don’t know yours. You don’t know mine. That doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t accept and allow that “permission” to live as we like and as we see fit, nor does it mean degrading and demeaning any other human being to do it.

No one HAS to be equal to do or gain ANYTHING.

Equality, if it did exist, would be disastrous. Humans, should they even remotely be able to attain equality, would still be miserable. They would STILL find something to argue or disagree about. They will still stand in judgement of others; they would still want something more.

Humans are insatiable – and selfish – creatures.

But that is the beauty of inequality. It is living and permitting lives, regardless of how different they happen to be from your own.

The “Keeping Up With the Joneses” mentality is rife in our country. Far too many people are twitching their curtains, peeking over the back fence, and coveting what their neighbor has…and wanting – nay, demanding – the same thing.

This perception is fueled by zealots, misguided as their challenges often are, convincing the weak or the lost that the latter are being cheated out of what is “rightfully” due them.

Another illusion to dupe those too lazy, entitled, or directionless individuals into believing that that which should make them in life be handed directly to them.

By whom? Another culture, not their own? A different race? A top company? The government?

I watched groups rise up, and I laugh and shake my head at the glaring, hilarious, and often sad irony of it all.

Those most-loudly demanding equality are those people who deem themselves “individuals”; groups that want to be recognized for who they are and expect to be treated differently than everyone else…

Huh? Wouldn’t that be the antithesis of “equal”? Do you see where I’m going with this? You can’t have it both ways.

*See “entitlement” above.

Few and far between are the media stories, nonprofit groups, or individuals offering the education for people to attain success or status driven by hard work and ingenuity.

That’s just too much work.

Let me go back to “equal”. Here are some areas where we all are on “the same playing field”, if you will:

  • We all live on the same planet.
  • Americans all have the same president. Here, we are all bound by the same laws and we are all expected to pay taxes.
  • Eventually, all of us will die.

Beyond that, there are only differences.

Thank God.

The notion of never achieving equality should not concern you.

What is the most horrifying thought is the potential of having your differences taken away from you; being instructed that you have to conform to fit it and the instruction that you MUST be like EVERYONE. You get nothing more and nothing less than anyone else.

Give that some thought the next time you perceive yourself as oppressed, ignored, or overlooked; and consider what the alternative very well may be. The grass is not always greener on the other side of that fence that you’re peeking over…

I will fight to my death to keep my uniqueness, my individuality, my nonconformity.

You can continue to pursue – and demand – your equality.