It’s Time


It’s been time for a long time.

It’s been over a year since I’ve been back here. The desire to write has been killing me.

But I’ve avoided it. I looked back at some of my previous posts and realized how steeped in vitriol and bitterness they were.

The last few years have injected this hatred and resentment in me, the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.

I convinced myself that stepping, nay, pulling away from my words would permit my toxic dust to settle and put my mind in a better state.

Patrick is still dead, yet still very much in my head as the second anniversary of his suicide creeps up on us in the next few days.

The woke morons are still assholes…but the holes getting poked into their narrative are increasing in number and size.

COVID is subsiding…supposedly, but has morphed into a threat which has now been determined to become a part of our daily lives just like any other illness we can’t see, yet as humans are susceptible to.

And I’m still unvaccinated and that which I’ll remain with now-growing vindication.

…and with lesser and lesser desire to hide that fact from anyone.

This time away has irradicated my desire and ability to fight to keep my mouth shut about anything anymore.

It has shown me that the bitterness isn’t going away. It is here to stay. That means my only option is to work around it.

I’ve determined to use it to my advantage, opposition be damned.

So. Tuck in, because I’ve opened that bottle of wine that serves as my creative elixir.

Let the games begin.

It’s time.