Give Me Law Enforcement or Give Me a Gun.

The state of our lives has now come to this. The same bleeding-hearts in America that explode after every episode of gun violence, to the point of screaming gun control and confiscation, are now demanding that police across the country be disbanded.

Don’t do it. Don’t fall for this. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – positive could possibly come from it.

When I was pursuing my law degree, I was raising a two-year-old in the housing projects. On each side of me were drug dealers. I watched rats the size of small dogs swimming through the rancid water that collected in the ditches that lined the street.

At one point, my car was damaged in a drive-by shooting.

On occasion, I contemplated arming myself with some sort of weapon for my own self-defense. They do not “scare” me. I was raised on a farm where it was commonplace to see my father’s hunting rifle standing in the corner of the kitchen; fully loaded and uncased.

I’ve fired a weapon on several occasions and I am a pretty good shot. But getting a gun was never paramount to me. I never liked the idea of having one around, so I’ve never gotten my own.

That stance is very quickly turning 180.

I PROMISE you this: if this country, in its current state of craze, determines that our society can function harmoniously without any sort of law enforcement, I will be purchasing a firearm.

And I won’t stop there. I will build an arsenal. I will have in my possession every type of handgun and shotgun – legal or illegal – and maybe even a few grenades, landmines, and sticks of dynamite.

I’ve got NO problem with that. Here’s why:

If law enforcement is defunded, splintered, or eliminated all together; WHO exactly will be responsible for the safety of my family and me?

Me. And ONLY me.

What…do you believe that I would entrust some whack-job neighborhood citizen to come to my own rescue? The worthless, spineless HOA in my neighborhood that takes a stand in no situation other than to drive around seeking out individual infractions?

Would I entrust my well-being to a group interested in nothing else than whether or not my trees’ branches are hanging too far over a one-foot length of sidewalk?

Are you kidding me?

How about my fat, lazy, millennial neighbor and his pig of a wife – the same one that I watched dragging their poor Dachshund puppy by the leash up and down the sidewalk until the poor animal cried out in pain?

Under no circumstances.

The multimillion-dollar NFL players – many of whom are already thugs – coming to my rescue?

A whole lot of good they would be to anyone when they insist upon staying on their knees.

Society is FULL of self-absorbed, clueless, argumentative, uneducated, narcissistic, whining, self-entitled zombies already.

I wouldn’t depend on any one of them to serve me fast food, let alone to put my life and the lives of my family in their very incapable hands. The thought alone makes me physically ill.

There you have it. Those are only minimal – but very poignant – examples. That leaves only me to take responsibility for myself.

As God is my witness, you have not seen anything yet. If this country thinks that police officers act brutally, it has not seen THIS momma bear whose babies are being poked with a stick.

That being said, I am relatively harmless in comparison to those individuals who already have their full arsenals and ammunition ready. Those survivalists with their AK-47s and their doomsday bunkers? See what happens when any sort of official law and order is eliminated from this country.

How about the criminals? Well…they’re already committing crimes. Nothing seems to have lessened their law-breaking; why would elimination of the police change that other than to increase criminal activity?

What few take into consideration is that those individuals who had never felt the need to follow the laws of the land will now be given free rein to do whatever they want with impunity.

Anarchy will be rife and individual patriots will rise up and take to the streets in defense of themselves.

It will be vigilantism at its finest.

What I would like to hear from all those shouting for police disbandment is this:

Which operations do you wish to cease to function? City police? Rangers? Marshals? Troopers? Constables? Security guards? Sheriffs? CIA? FBI? BCA? Secret Service? Cyber crime units?

How about the military? They are effectively the “world’s police”, after all. Let’s get rid of them, too.

That which I believe has been given even less thought is answering “what now?” once – let’s say – every single one of those aforementioned groups is now only a memory.

Laws would need to be modified greatly in favor of civilians. Yes, they would. They would have to permit each individual an expanded breadth of their own legal immunity.

“Stand your ground” would now extend beyond our own personal property to public streets, businesses, parking lots – everywhere we stand at any given time. Upholding culpability would be impossible.

The economic ramifications are those that I cannot even begin to wrap my head around.

Property taxes, individual insurance premiums (medical, vehicle, life) would skyrocket. No one would be able to afford them anymore, as though most people can barely afford either right now.

City taxes would increase exponentially to cover law suits brought by any person who believes that any harm coming to them falls into the lap of the politicians.

Lawyers will be laughing all the way to the bank. Not that this isn’t happening already, but they could very well turn into the police that everyone already hate.

Finally, the suggestion that community groups assume self-governing duties is embarrassingly laughable.

Is some curtain-twitching Karen without a shred of legal understanding or physical training going to adequately command charge of…what? The nextdoor neighbor not mowing their lawn in the right direction?

Though all of this scares and angers me – it has been keeping me up at night – here is the most alarming element of all.


The entire world is watching every move that Americans are making right now, and with great interest.

Other world superpowers are reveling in the dramatic division this country has created for itself…and they are taking notes.

In September 2001, George W. Bush had been president for only nine months. He succeeded Bill Clinton; a lying, womanizing, philandering Democrat who was impeached for – overwhelmingly – being an adulterer.

During his terms, Clinton ordered military inclusion in the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, and he instituted the Iraq Liberation Act opposing Saddam Hussein.

<It’s worth noting that he was also a Vietnam draft-dodging liar, much like our current president>.

Clinton also turned a blind eye to genocide in Somalia. His hard-on to capture Osama bin Laden was a continuous and vocal focus of his second term in office.

This was the groundwork and the platform that he laid and left for his successor Bush.

All of these actions brought about the events of 911. I would hope that I don’t have to specify exactly what happened on September 11, 2001.

Interesting item of note is that I read the news coming in at rapid pace today and I see a great many articles quoting interviews with teenagers who weren’t yet alive when 911 happened.

I would be hard-pressed to believe that these individuals have any comprehension as to why they want to be involved in these protests other than morbid curiosity or following the herds, let alone catastrophic attacks that this country has already endured prior to their births.

This is what the world is reading in every line of every paper, of every article, of every blog and post.

And those world leaders that oppose us, those whose relationships have been quashed by our temper-tantrum-throwing-president, could very well be planning the rise against the United States.

Divided countries in turmoil are the easiest to conquer.

Think about that and tell me that you can rest easy at the mere implication of the disaster befalling America right now.

In short, we as law-abiding citizens have had enough. We will rise up on our own, militia-style if necessary, to take extraordinary steps that ensure our own protection.

The whining and demanding and suppressing and accusing have grown tiresome all too quickly. The shouts for peace are backfiring; the weeks-long protests should have come to an end long, long ago. Police officers are tired of it, too. They are beginning to resign en masse, a show of solidarity that I hope sweeps like wildfire across the country.

And then, when Americans have woken up to the fact that eliminating law enforcement wasn’t such a great idea, law enforcement officers who have dedicated their lives to their work for a mere pittance of salary will come back demanding exorbitant salaries to tolerate the constant berating they receive from the general public – just to do their jobs.

And they’ll have to be paid in excess to return the protection that had been so wrongfully yanked out from under our civilization.

America, I challenge you to eliminate law enforcement. That is your choice, your privilege, your decision.

When that potentially DOES happen, however, do not look to me for guidance or protection that will inevitably be required because you’re too narrow-minded to assess the disastrous consequences of your impassioned causes.

A quote from a former Minneapolis police department lieutenant and a black woman serving on the city’s black women’s organization commented on the city’s determination to eliminate law enforcement presence:

“I hope they succeed in doing so, ” she remarked. “Then, when their efforts fail, they can see that their plans didn’t work”.

Those who insinuate that reduction or elimination of law enforcement will result in reduced crime obviously haven’t been reading any news recently. The rioting, looting, and semi-violent protests are one small look into a vastly broader narrative that contradicts this “lessened crime” argument.

Lack of police presence won’t lessen crime because people cannot police themselves.

Our country has crumbled; our police are on their knees and lunatics keep screaming for more and more restrictions on law enforcement.

Those severely misguided individuals who claim to seek some sort of justice have no remote understanding of that word or – really – what it is that they “want”. They have no idea. It just feels good to them to keep yelling.

Let them do so.

Because should their cries for law enforcement elimination be successful, I will simply adapt…and adjust…

…and I will keep loading.