Le nouveau roman de Kane Lesser (Texas, États-Unis), intitulé « The Angel’s Lounge », est maintenant disponible aux Éditions Dédicaces, une maison d’édition fondée par Guy Boulianne(fondateur du MRQ) : http://www.blog.dedicaces.us/?p=3773.


To call Breck Stewart a musician would be a dangerous misnomer. The young billionaire mogul was so much more – a genius, a fashion plate, a world-renowned member of the legendary guitarist – Nobel Alden’s – band.

Life was not always so grand, and Breck never forgot the impoverished gutter from which he pulled him and his young family to the luck and the fame and the fortune.

Someone from the life he’d left had never forgotten it, either…and they were out to remind Breck of his meager existence for which they believed they were now owed a mortal fee.

From abusive childhood in Scotland to the Gold Coast of Chicago’s elite, Breck bound together with his closest friends to survive long enough to find the fiends that kidnapped his family…and those now out to take his life. Sacrificing himself on the streets of Chicago, offered as bait to those who could not resist the delicious temptation of taking his money and his power, he held close to his vests the cards that would trump the assassins’ plans.

The evil strangers underestimated the determination and willpower of someone whose life had been spent fighting seemingly insurmountable odds, and no risk was too great to bring his family back.


In her debut novel – the first of three in the Angel’s Series – award-winning author Kane Lesser brings you international intrigue, suspense, and passion in The Angel’s Lounge. This novel catapulted Kane into an extraordinary career in which she has been quickly recognized as an exceptionally talented writer. In addition to this being her third novel published, Kane has earned award-winning recognition for her fictional short stories and her debut novel was voted as one of 2017’s Best Reads by Wild Sound Festival. Her online blog atwww.kanelesser.com has reached and humored readers worldwide.

Kane Lesser is a native Midwesterner who has recently relocated to the Austin, Texas area to immerse herself in the food and music culture of the city as she continues to write.

Her interests in wine, cars, fashion and travel highlight and enhance her narrative thrillers. A worldwide traveler, Lesser previously lived on the small Channel Island of Guernsey and incorporates her many experiences into stories that have culminated over decades.