The King Of Swing

And last, but not by any stretch of the imagination least, I am a music fanatic…of most genres and decibels. It is the blood that fills my veins.
I’m a rockabilly chicky mostly, swangin’ and tappin’ my foot to the music that raised me.
Today, I combined my passions – cars, clothing, and music – by meeting in person someone whom I’ve admired for over 30 years. A hero by most accounts, I’ve never missed him in concert, I watch his every movement, I drown in his silken voice, and I admire every stitch of clothing he wears…and that doesn’t even include his musicianship.

Today I met in person Brian Setzer – a gracious, bubbly, kind man who allowed my picture with him and we talked a bit of cars. Brian, you are truly a class act. You grace our fair city, and we are thrilled to have you here – rock us for another 30 years. Love to you.