The Sky is Purple

As humans we are each dubiously blessed with only our reflections in the mirror. Sadly, this is the only limited external picture of ourselves we are allowed.

We are unable to see ourselves through others’ eyes – an indisputable fact that may serve as both blessing and curse. We see…”me” – someone and something that we’ve always just known and become overly accustomed to.

To gain further and objective insight I’ve found myself recently quizzing those around me whom I spend time; not a great deal of time but two people with whom I interact most frequently.

A close friend of mine pointed out that the tone of my voice when I speak can be occasionally demanding and intrusive.

That I already knew.

But the most impressive and keen insight shared with me, unsolicited, was by a woman whom I’ve known for less than a week; a girl younger than my own son but with a maturity that exceeds her brief time so far on earth and one with cultural and familial experience which I couldn’t begin to comprehend, nor have I ever experience firsthand.

“You speak your thoughts with such confidence,” she said bluntly. “When you say something it’s definite, it’s believable.

“If you told me that when I woke up tomorrow that the sky would be purple, I’d believe it in a heartbeat.”

What stunning perspective.

I’ve always taken for granted that I’m a direct thinker and speaker, a straight-shooter with no time or use for flim-flam or fluff. But my acquaintance put a considerably different spin on it for me to consider, a more positive take and even more for me to chew on as I gain more perception into me and how I fit into the world around me…or stay completely separate from it.

I encourage your own surveying of the means in which others view you. Their feedback may just surprise you.

You may wake up tomorrow and find your sky purple.