The Angel’s Revenge – a Taste of What’s to Come

“Uh dunna even know where ta begin wit’ yuh,” fluttered Robbie at all that had transpired, annoyed that he was commanded to clean a murder weapon.

“Why dunna we start with how the ‘ell yuh go’ that blade outta, well, every damned country tha’ we were in? N’ smeared with the blood o’ a murdered man whose boat we chartered, no less?”

“I just picked it up and stuck it in my bag; wrapped it in some clothing and got lucky that no one picked up on it.”

Breck shot his cheesy grin at Robbie.

“I lead a charmed life.”

“Uh’m no’ kiddin’ around, yuh li’l smart ass,” Robbie shot back heatedly. “N’ yuhr kid? Goddard has Dand? In wha’ ring o’ hell did that take place? N’ when had yuh planned on sharin’ that’ li’l detail with me?”

He was incensed, feeling as though he’d been kept from some very important information that he should have been first in line to hear.

“The latter just happened to be the next story on my list, slated for telling on our way to Istanbul.

“You’re just as aware as I am what caused that little detour and the postponement of that narrative at the time.

“Goddard told me a few months ago when I was with him in LA. Sit down and prepare yourself for this one. It isn’t exactly a straight-forward story. It has a bit of a twist to it.”

“Dunna they all?” Breck ignored the stinging sarcasm and continued.

“Goddard took it upon himself to employ some of his goons to hunt down my kids and try something that hadn’t been thought of yet or look under some unturned rock.

“How the son of a bitch did it is still beyond me, but he did. No other rats; just Dand. He was raised in Ireland, apparently; went to school there and he’s been traveling the States in the production of the musical ‘Once’.”

“He left the production when – get this – he had a family emergency in Ireland he had to return for.”

Breck anticipated that Robbie’s gears would start turning on their own.

His trusted loyalist did not disappoint.

Robbie’s eyebrows skyrocketed.

“Is that so? N’ wha’ sorta ‘family emergency’ did the young lad experience?”

“Care to venture a guess?”

Robbie leaned back and overly-dramatically stroked his chin as if buried deep in thought.

“Hmmm…it wouldn’t ‘ave been some sorta ‘spolsion, now was it?”

Breck was embarrassed with himself for taking that horrendous joke as far as he had.

“How the fuck can we be so callous? We blew up my son’s father, the only one that he ever knew. Do you realize the repercussions that could have if he ever found out that it was us? He would probably not only never speak to me again but he’d probably have all of us thrown into a hole so deep that we’d never see the light of day again.

“The kid had to have been devastated. I wouldn’t intentionally inflict that type of pain on such an impressionable young man and no way would I have done it had I known…”

Robbie jumped up with an absolutely morbid scowl of delight on his face.

“This is irony, isn’ i’?” He crowded Breck and got within inches of his face.

“Yuh look me straight in the eye n’ yuh tell me that yuh woulda not had that pub bombed had yuh known that Dand’s adopted dah was sittin’ in there, ‘ey?

“Whose life is innocent? Which is worth takin’ and for what purpose? It gets muddy awfully quick, don’ it, laddie?

“With tha’ explosion, yuh took the lives o’ the evil brothers that wanted yuh dead n’ yuh did it ta save yuh own life and those of yuhr children.

“N’ in doin’ so Dand’s father was sacrificed. So the question now becomes ‘was it worth it?’. Tha’s quite a pickle, wouldn’t yuh say?”

Those muddied whirling thoughts in Breck’s head were made so directly by Robbie’s kickback, harsh and poignant as it was.

“I get it,” he distanced himself. “You’ve made your point but just because you can clarify it doesn’t mean that you can justify it.”