The Angel’s Curse now available at Editions Dedicaces U.S.

Stolen children returning to loving arms of their distraught father wouldn’t possibly be a nightmare in disguise. It couldn’t possibly tarnish the promise of shining holidays just within their grasp, celebrations that far too long were exclusive of previous family. Robbie couldn’t have imagined finding the wee Esmeralda anything but a blessing in disguise…until the boy Dand appeared within a matter of days.

The lad determinedly sought the skilled hitman that would avenge the death of his father in the Irish pub’s explosion. Never in his wildest dreams could he have believed that the ideal hitman had himself lit the fuse of the bomb.

Robbie faced the nightmare he prayed he’d never face in conscious light: it now fell upon his shoulders to tell the boy the truth…and pray to God the tale of malevolence wouldn’t cost him his and Breck’s lives.

Rose’s words continuously rose from the grave to expose the haunting reality of Breck’s origin. Having been as thick as brothers from the start, Breck and Robbie stood on the precipice of clutching firm a family tie that they believed could have never been weakened. One that now faced ultimate destruction.